Village of Ethics


Since 1909, there have been name-plates on the houses surrounding the prisons in Veenhuizen, with moralistic sayings on them that would remind the prisoners how to be «a good human being». Sunniva went around Veenhuizen, asking the inhabitants what would they have written on their nameplate, given the choice. The interesting conversations about ethics that emerged, made her want to engage the people visiting Veenhuizen as well. She created a collection of bricks, engraved with a variety of ethics or core values, of which the visitor would be able to choose one and place it in a designated path in Veenhuizen. This project aims to make the visitors of the village reflect on their own ethics and core values, making them look at Veenhuizen’s history in a different way, while sparking a conversation about it. It envisions a growing path made by the bricks going through the village, creating a timeline and a worldly collection of ethics; truly making Veehuizen a Village of Ethics.