Tracing a Lifetime


In the 1900’s Colonies of Benevolence, people whose clothes broke would repair and reuse them until the material itself fell apart. Today, the clothes we keep the longest are the ones with high emotional value- often broken. Sunniva’s research showed that the problem doesn’t lie in braking of our clothes, but rather in the fact that we generally never wear our clothes long enough for them to break. Our favourite sweater however IS full of holes from long use and lies forgotten in our closet. The patience and knowledge required for repairing clothes is lost. Even the second-hand stores don’t want them. Sunniva created a clothing-collection made up of high quality repaired garments, presenting an alternative to throwing away those items which still have great potential to be used and valued. Ideally it could be a shop and service that only revolves around repairing clothes. The garments would be sold together with it’s life-story, creating awareness on how long we use our clothes.

According to a study done by Greenpeace in 2014, if the average life of clothing was extended by just three months, it would reduce 5 to 10 percent of their carbon and water footprints on the earth.