Human within restrictions


In Veenhuizen’s existing prisons, the daily life of the inmates is strictly controlled and surveyed. Through time the views on human rights and freedom have developed and regulations have changed, but the intention to rehabilitate and discipline people remains. Being denied freedom and restricted to a limited space for a long time can be of significant influence to a a humans mental state. With this in mind Sjo investigated how the inmates find ways to move and develop within the structure of the prisons and observed individual routines through which their personality is expressed. She directed a short documentary addressing topics connected to basic notions of living and being human. With the inmates of the Esserheem prison in Veenhuizen topics like love, individuality and privacy are discussed. What is the impact of having a pet or taking care of a plant?

Short documentary in which inmates open up about finding ways to remaining to feel like human within the restrictions, both physical and mental, of the Esserheem prison complex.