In the Dutch prison system the inmates are obliged to work. The jobs consist mainly of repetitive work, and they have little opportunity to express themselves through creativity. ‘Made in Esserheem’ aims to change this. Together Sandra and ten inmates from the prison created a collection of embroidered brooches. With tattoos as inspiration they first chose a theme close to them, then designed a drawing on the textile. Sandra made an embroidery kit and taught the inmates how to embroider, asking them use colors, so that Sandra’s finishing -which she did in white thread- would be clearly distinguishable from the work of the inmates, thus emphasizing the collaboration. With this project Sandra aims at encouraging the prison to let inmates show more of their character and creativity in their labor, while connecting them to the outside world. With a special focus on the connection to Veenhuizen, where they easily remain anonymous outsiders in the village they live in. The brooches could be souvenirs for tourists visiting Veenhuizen, showing both the current invisible inhabitants, and the long history of being a prison village.

The jobs in prisons are quite repetitive. Together Sandra and ten inmates created a collection of embroidery pins to stimulate their creativity and give them an opportunity to express themselves.