Scenarios for Veenhuizen


The prisons have always provided Veenhuizen with a strong sense of identity and purpose. However, due to cutbacks, the prisons are constantly threatened with closure which would severely damage Veenhuizen’s identity. Sjo and Noor wanted to find out what consequences closure would have and how it could be prevented. Sjo and Noor undertook a case study observing and analyzing six comparable villages in the Netherlands and the scenario’s that were developed there. The stories of these villages, the successes and pitfalls, were analyzed to come to a set of recommendations for Veenhuizen. Sjo and Noor conclude their research by presenting a book consisting of this set of clear recommendations, do’s and don’ts for Veenhuizen.

When visiting Veenhuizen Sjo and Noor noticed how there is a lack of social public space in the village. They wondered how, these aspects affect the village. They visited six villages in the Netherlands and asked the question, How can Veenhuizen learn from other villages around them?