Change our game


We are living in a world where everyone strives to win. Laura discovered there could be a future where this attitude of winning and our failing economic system could change, starting with the concept of Basic Income. In short: Basic Income is a regular, tax-free, fixed amount of money paid to every citizen. To get an understanding of this new world, Laura put this subject into the context of the well known and beloved board games. Games like Monopoly appear to be fun and innocent, but they are a good metaphor for how our society is built. By designing this game changer; extension packs based on new ideas for the society for the existing familiar games that represent the workings of our society, she adds a visual and mental revolution to how we play our board games. As a player you will have to adapt to new rules and tools, and by playing the game ease the path to our future.

As a kid, Laura didn’t have the winning mentality and saw playing sports or games as a fun activity instead of a competition. “Change our Game” is a reaction towards our society and economic system.