Defiant Objects


Our relationship with the countless objects surrounding us is quite straightforward. We rarely hesitate when labelling an object based on what it does. Often produced for the convenience of instant use and discarded within minutes, objects and materials flooding the earth have created an ecosystem of their own. Their sheer number and availability makes them a new resource which is used in various ways. Irakli’s research project is inspired by handmade objects produced from discarded items and materials, under circumstances of scarcity or strict control like refugee camps and prisons. Where every object is valued not only by the function for which it was manufactured, but rather by all the possibilities and potentials that emerges from its properties. In a playful rebellion the Defiant Objects free themselves from their original function, combining their properties with others, reinventing themselves and their function.

Under the circumstances of scarcity and strict control, like refugee camps and prisons every object is valued not simply by the merit of the function for which it was manufactured, but rather by all of possibilities and potential that derives from it’s properties. Defiant Objects are inspired by items made is such conditions. In a playful rebellion they detach themselves from an assigned function. By recombining their properties with other objects, they reinvent themselves and their function.