Meet me in the garden


The garden is deserted and the plants are fed up! In 2004, 120 years after its founding, the Gerard Adriaan van Swieten Horticultural School in Frederiksoord closed its doors. Thus the long history of learning about plant life and establishing fruitful interactions with plants came to an end... In Eszter’s multiple trips to the village, including a trip to the spring fair, one of the villages most busy days of the year -where plants and gardening are celebrated-, she was shocked to see the garden completely void every time. The school is gone but the plants remained. In an effort to invite people back to the garden, the plants have decided to speak out, and encourage you to learn about them once more by hearing their stories. Through the invitation which doubles as a plant identification tool and a handbook of their personal characteristics, Eszter reestablishes the connection to the plants and their individual characters.

Plants are characters, they have likes, dislikes, habits and family traits. Meet me in the garden invites you to look closer to these plants to gain a connection with them and listen to what they have to say.